Dynamic Power Controller for energy Efficiency



All induction motors should only consume and deliver the necessary power to safely drive a load.  Any  

excess power consumed is considered wasted energy.  Any voltage above the required load can be   

considered excess energy. 

Reasons why induction motors consume excess energy:

              1.  The motors are sold in fixed frame sizes and are frequently oversized for the application; 

              2.  A motor is selected to safely drive the maximum peak load but is excessive for normal load 

                   operation or varying load;

              3.  Motors are configured to insure that they will safely operate at minimum low line voltage.   

VSquare/R's "Dynamic Power Controller" safely delivers the minimum required power to a load 

regardless of load variations and maximizes the electrical energy savings regardless of the voltage.  

Our product never operates at full line voltage.  It utilizes two [2] different approaches (power    

control/voltage control) to save energy in induction motors. 


Product Introduction Video

Product Demonstration Video